Antalya Hotel
How many seasons can be crammed into one instant in a city?

The wizardry of Oz continues, train your eyes to witness a world of dubious realities. The closest you can get to the sea and entertainment. A world that backs onto the calmness of a deep blue sea while facing a jungle of entertainment. Which one would you prefer more... The Mediterranean crowds of the city or the quiet waters of the Mediterranean?

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, a happy return home is colored by your experiences on the way.

You are in the heart of the city...
A unique urban hotel in the center of Antalya, on top of the cliffs overlooking magnificent scenery... A unique location where you can enjoy the rhythm and energy of the city to your heart’s content. It is only at a distance of 12 Km from Antalya Airport. All your travels will become memorable thanks to the superior service quality of Antalya Hotel
Your home awaits your arrival in Antalya...
156 comfortable and luxurious rooms that are distinguished on the basis of fine details... Alternative accommodation options that customize your travel... and most importantly, a matchless quality of service dedicated to your happiness... A unique hotel experience at 5 stars Antalya Hotel...
Standart Room
Suit Room

Standart Room

Antalya Hotel Standard Rooms with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom have an area of 26 m2 and the total number of the rooms is 150. In Antalya Hotel Standard Rooms which are designed beyond the standards you will experience a unique holiday.

Suit Room

Antalya Suite Rooms have an area of 45 m2. We have the opportunity to host you, esteemed guests, in a larger area via Antalya Hotel Connection Rooms of which each corner have been designed meticulously.

The art of flavor...

The most appetizing recipes from cuisines across the world are perfected to an art form. A unique expression of our appreciation; excellence in offerings, memorable tastes and a journey of tastes that you won’t want to end.

Phaselis Restaurant

Phaselis Restaurant taken its name from the ancient city of Phaselis is located within the pine and cedar forest near Kemer town and having one of the best beaches of Antalya represents the atmosphere of the ancient city and will be one of the top places that you will visit during your stay at Antalya Hotel.

Phaselis Restaurant serves open buffet breakfast at 07.00 / 10.00 and open buffet dinner at 19.00 / 21.00 with its unforgettable tastes; hygienic conditions and with its cheerful personnel for you esteemed guests.


Antalya Hotel will be at your service with its bars with rich and special beverage menu which are designed for different concepts and will bring a new fresh air to your holiday

Lobby Bar:

Lobby bar will be among your favourite places to visit during your holiday with its rich alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Antalya Hotel Lobby Bar is at your service for 24 hours.

Vitamin Bar:

Vitamin Bar; Vitamin Bar, being complementary of your body and mental health which we provide in our Spa center is at your service at 09.00 / 18.00.

Snack Bar:

Snack Bar with its sight of pool and sea and refreshing and rich beverage menu is at your service at 10.00 / 24.00.

Touches dedicated to health...

Add the healthy effects of massage and therapies to your schedule. The quality of life achieved is a consequence of physical and spiritual balance. You will achieve serenity in the mystique atmosphere of Antalya Hotel Spa Center as you leave your stress behind and are revived in specialized hands.
Organizations that make a difference...

We serve with a view to turn events into productive organizations. Our modern halls, elegant special venue designs, state of the art technologic infrastructure and a solution oriented professional team of people make a difference.

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