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Oz Hotels Incekum Beach Resort Rooms

     Oz Hotels İncekum Beach Resort rooms are specially decorated to meet all needs. In our facility, which has a total of 357 rooms, you can choose the most suitable one from the Standard room, Connection room and Family room categories. A comfortable holiday awaits you with your family in rooms with pool view and sea view.


Oz Hotels İncekum Beach Resort standard room has an area of 28 square meters. It has a total of 234 standard rooms. It consists of a bedroom and a bathroom section.

Oz Hotels İncekum Beach Resort connection rooms are 42 in total and have a total area of 56 square meters. It consists of 2 standard rooms and there is a connection door between the 2 rooms. Rooms consist of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

oz hotels incekum beach resort connection room

Oz Hotels İncekum Beach Resort Family rooms are 36 in total and each has an area of 36 square meters. The rooms consist of 2 separate bedrooms and a bathroom section. Each bedroom has a TV. All rooms have pool and sea views.


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