Side Premium
The fairy
tale starts here...

You are invited to experience an unforgettable fairy tale of the Mediterranean... Side Premium, where modern architecture blends into nature, filled with entertainment and high quality life; an experience in peace, happiness and enjoyment. A vacation paradise just 55 Km from Antalya Airport is calling out your name! Are you ready to explore?

Wrapped up in the spell of
the Mediterranean...
A vacation full of happiness in varied shades of blue...
A beach exclusive to guests on the world renown beaches of Side; a place where you can sun bathe in comfort experiencing the pleasures of the Mediterranean to your heart’s content... Indoor and outdoor pools, Aquapark for day long entertainment... An unforgettable vacation in harmony with the waters of the Mediterranean sea at Side Premium.
A world of your own, with specifics unique to you...
476 rooms designed to perfection with elegant and creative details, to provide a hosting experienced that has been thought out down to the very last detail... By means of accommodation alternatives designed in four different concepts, Side Premium offers a vacation concept unique to you.
Standart Room
Family Room

Standart Room

Side Premium Hotel rooms with an area of 25m2 provide the opportunity to you distinguished guests to outstay a holiday beyond the standards.

By housing places including totally 380 Standard Room, a unique holiday to the accompaniment of Mediterranean’s turquoise-colored view is waiting for you distinguished guest.

Family Room

Side Premium Hotel has totally 64 Family Rooms and each family room has a wide-range area of 45m2.

Additionally to Standard Rooms’ features, there are 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 2 televisions. A holiday opportunity in which you can enjoy the confidence and comfort as your house is waiting for you distinguished guests at Side Premium Hotel’s Family Rooms.

To add flavor to life...

Original recipes from master chefs, prepared with meticulous care, with the inspiration of world renown gourmands at Side Premium. Tastes that liven up your vacation; perfect presentation and a service of amazing quality; a brief summary of catering at Side Premium.

A'la Carte Restaurants

Side Premium Hotel offers you the most famous cuisines of the world with options for your palate to you, esteemed guests.

Ozzini Italian Restaurant:

We advise you not to end your Holiday without dining at Side Premium Hotel Ozz 1 Restaurant serving Italian cuisine in an elegant atmosphere and a different ambiance.

İstanbul Ottoman Restaurant:

Turkish cuisine meeting our local tastes with Ottoman classics accompanied by unique Greek cuisine tastes which will be neighbours in an elegant dinner table are meeting with you, esteemed guests in İstanbul Ottoman Restaurant.

Fish Restaurant :

Special starters and appetizers accompany the most delicious fish provided by sea, the life source, in Side Premium Hotel Ozz 3 Restaurant. We serve this delicious menu for you, esteemed guests, with the privilege of Side Premium Hotel.

Asya Restaurant:

The address for the ones who want to try different tastes and have different experiences will be Ozz 4 Restaurant. The light and unique tastes of Far East cuisine will be integrated with the Far East atmosphere of Ozz 4 Restaurant and this calm ambiance will also feed your soul.

The opening and closing hours of the above mentioned restaurants and bars may change depending on the operation hours of the facility or season conditions.

The presentation of the beverages mentioned in the menu depends on the supply.

Our little guests younger than 12 years old are not accepted in Ozz XX Restaurant.

A’la Carte Restaurant is available 1 time for guests staying for 1 week and 2 times for guests staying for 2 weeks. The visits more than stated are in return of service plate price.


With the help of alternative bar options of Side Premium Hotel appealing to each different holiday concepts you will enjoy splendid atmosphere of Mediterranean with the accompanying rich food and beverages during your stay without restriction of time or space.

Pool Bar:

If you are having your holiday with your family Side Premium Pool Bar is a candidate place for you to spend most of your time. Even your kids are playing in the pool you can enjoy your holiday with the fresh fruit juices or refreshments of the Pool Bar.

Lobby Bar:

Lobby Bar will be at your service during your stay at 10:00 – 24:00 with its fine decoration, elegant atmosphere and its rich alcoholic-non alcoholic drink menu makes.

Jazz Bar:

Jazz Barr, having reflections of unique architecture of Side Premium Hotel and in which you can have your drink while listening to elite music will be at your service during your stay at 21:30 – 01:00.

Beach Bar:

While you are enjoying sea, sun and beach, Side Premium Beach Bar will be at your service with it rich beverage menu at 11:00-18:30.

Vitamin SPA Bar:

The last complementary stop of health, beauty, leisure and refreshment in Side Premium Hotel SPA Center is the Vitamin Spa Bar. Vitamin Spa Bar is at your service at 10.00-22.00 with its beverages of high vitamin and refreshment for you, esteemed guests.

Magic Disco:

You wont be needing to go out of the borders of Side Premium Hotel for entertainment in holiday. Magic Disco in where you can entertain yourself with your family, with nice music and in an decent ambiance will be at your service at 00.00-03.00.

Wizard Ozz

We provide a reliable service for our little guests (age group of 4-13) whom deserves a special value and attention in Ozz Kingdom established within Side Premium Hotel with an indoor area of 1000 m².
Our special restaurant having a kids menu prepared by considering the feeding conditions of our little guests,
Kids pool with water slides where they will peak the entertainment,
Special game areas where more free space is provided for them,
Children shows prepared by special trained and professional trainers where they can entertain in a safe manner in order to make you feel safe for them,
Special disco in where the kids can entertain and dance with their peers with selected children music,
Cinema service which can contribute to development of social and cultural aspects of our little guests
Makes Kids Kingdom like a kids holiday kingdom.
Side Premium Ozz Kingdom; provides a fabulous world to our little guests in which they can feel the pleasure, energy and enthusiasm of entertainment, exploring new things, having new hobbies, sports and leisure during the activities.
You can rent stroller in Side Premium Hotel Ozz Kingdom for a deposit fee of 100 € and can benefit our paid babysitting service.
In Wizard Ozz where entertaining and at the same time educative games are played in accompanying of the professional instructors and special activities which takes 2 weeks there are;
Educational programs for each age group (4-7, 8-12, 13+),
Treasure Hunt full of adventures for our little pirates,
Colourful painting activity by drawing their favourite heroes on T-shirts,
Face painting activity in where they will find themselves in a fabulous world,
Colourful and jovial pool games in pool with water slide,
Special outdoor Game Park,
Clown shows and balloon shaping show,
Special activity programs prepared for our little guests out of the hotel,
Healthy and nourishing food buffet for children which is prepared diligently,
Mini Disco which helps learning dancing in accompany with the trainers of which they have fun together all day long, and entertaining while teaching,
Mind Games,
And similar activities and services for our little guests.
At Side Premium Hotel

At 10.00-18.00, Wizard Ozz
At 20.30-21.00 Mini Disco
At 21.00-22.30 activities, shows and mini cinema are at service of our little guests.

Taking care of your happiness...

Listen to your body and soul to lead a happy and healthy life.
Freshen up and leave behind the stress of the city thanks to the authentic massage,
therapies and treatments offered at the Spa and Wellness Center operating on an area of 2000 square meters.
Premium service specific to our little guests...
There is a mesmerising world for kids awaiting our little guests at Side Premium. Wizard of Oz Kid’s Kingdom, designed solely for children, safe play areas under the guidance of kids’ animators, creative events, educational activities and a pool for the king and queen of the Oz Kingdom. It sure feels good to be a kid at Side Premium.
Blend into the rhythm of life!
Entertainment is what you need! Activities that start in the morning, last late into the night at Side Premium. Day and night shows, animation shows, concerts, concept parties, pool games, matches full of excitement, water sports, fitness center, activities to enjoy, peace to replenish, entertainment to last a life time.

Side Premium Ozz Convention Center, being established on a land of 2000 m², is one of the biggest meeting center of the region with its participant capacity which is 1500 persons in total.

Ozz Convention center, attracting with 3 meeting rooms, 5 workshops and 1 big foyer, is such to meet the expectations of the business world with its different designs and have been the first address for national and international congress.

Side Premium Hotel Ozz Convention Center, turning all kinds of meeting, conference, workshop and management seminaries into unforgettable events with its state of art infrastructure and technical equipments, has turned Antalya into a center of attraction for congress tourism.

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